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About Jonathan

I'm Jonathan.

Born and raised in Killeen, Texas.

I have a BA in Advertising from the University of North Texas where I was President of the Ad Club (AAF Affilated) and Vice President of the American Marketing Association.

Currently a student at North Central Texas College in Corinth. I will graduate in May 2018 with an associate's degree in Computer Information Technology. I'm a recipiant of the Tech Hire Grant and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Growing up in a small town, I developed an affinity for technology due to it's ability to simplifiy our lives and connect us to eachother. I'm a passionate person and advertising is the perfect platform to spread the good word.

I write and create cool things. You can find those cool things in my project section by scrolling down.

Awards and Accolades

I've been fortunate enought to have my work recogonized by people in my field.

Mediashift Journalism School Hackathon

1st Runnerup

Can journalism and communications schools help shape the next generation of media entrepreneurs? Many schools have created special “labs” and innovation centers and are running courses aimed at building startups — and a startup mentality. But how can they share knowledge, improve skills and have fun doing it?
Why The J School Hackathon At North Texas Was A Challenge Worth Taking


Super SWOOPer

Best Problem Solver

SWOOP, the student-managed advertising and public relations agency, is getting attention in a big way at the Mayborn School of Journalism. SWOOP works on real projects for real clients with real results.

SWOOP Agency at University of North Texas

Student Employee of the Year at University of North Texas (UNT)

3rd runner-up

Student employment allows students to develop important everyday skills in various jobs at UNT. Students are able to apply classroom theories and skills in a real work environment.

SWOOP Agency at University of North Texas

National Associations of College Unions International (ACUI)

Steal This Idea 2017, 1st runner-up video

Steal This Idea 2016, 3rd runner-up video

Steal this Idea recognizes in achievement of marketing within the college unions and student activities. Student and professional graphic designers working in college unions are encouraged to enter in Steal this Idea, a competition that recognizes the best work based on concept, design, content, and creativity.

2017 Kids Try College
#TheGreenScreen, Season 4

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)

Excellence in Social Media

Most Improved Program

The Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) is a productive, vibrant, and innovative organization committed to conducting cutting-edge, high-impact HIV prevention research. It is the largest research center in the world devoted to social, behavioral, and policy-based approaches to HIV prevention.



There are just some of the articles that I have written or ghost-written.

D-I-Y Bathbombs


  • Publuished March 2017

Bath bombs can be made at home for a fraction of the cost. Why throw away cash or time when you're able to make your own DIY bath bombs?


8 Laundry Tips and Tricks for Millennials


  • Publuished October 2017

Laundry can feel like a Sisyphean task, but it doesn't have to be. Learn 8 laundry hacks for you to streamline the process.


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